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Treatments at Kerala Ayurved Niketan

Kerala Ayurved Niketan is your comprehensive healthcare center and includes special treatment packages for spiritual, intellectual, physical and mental health. Out therapists have years of ayurvedic knowledge and assist you with Yogic, Panchkarma, and Kerala treatments. Our proficient Ayurvedic Guru has chalked out various treatment plans + combinations, which are set according to your body constitution and ailments. Kerala Ayurved Niketan assures you of best cures and robust health with the Panchkarma Treatment Packages.

The process includes vigorous massages with long strokes on the client’s body. The process enhances blood circulation and promotes body tissues.
Professional yogic exercises which include stretching and correcting body posture. It contributes to spinal correction, enhances the tightening of muscles, soothes the senses and brings overall calmness.
This involves special ayurvedic enema and is a part of the Panchkarma treatment. The process detoxifies your lower body and cleans out the bowels with milk and herbal concoctions.
Our spiritual ayurvedic guru prepares a special oil-based herbal concoction, which is held in the client’s mouth for a while. The process strengthens the gums, mouth muscles and teeth.
A paste made of flour and medicated oil is applied on the body, which reduces stress and pain. A similar paste is also used for Netra Tarapan.
Ancient Ayurvedic concoctions are made in a liquid-based slurry and applied on the chest area. This treatment is meant for heart-related problems and cardiovascular patients.
Patients suffering from acute pains in joints, limbs and knees get a special treatment in this procedure. A herbal oil-based bath is administered over the affected areas.
Problems pertaining to the ears are eliminated by performing this treatment. A unique oil bath is helpful in eradicating lockjaw, headaches, tinnitus, earwax and vertigo.
Soothing music is implemented for therapeutic treatment. It restores the harmony of your body and removes disease-prone imbalances.
The process helps patients suffering from osteoporosis, lack of lubrication and overall sciatica. It involves a unique medicated oil bath poured over inflicted areas.
This method is inclusive of submerging the body limbs in specially prepped herbal oils and fluids. It assists in speeding up the process of healing and offers a relaxing effect by reducing inflammation in the system.
Our Ayurveda physicians apply a concoction of medicated cow’s milk as fomentation to the inflicted areas. This treatment is good for neurological disorders, speech impairments and facial paralysis.
Controlled induced vomiting is done by introducing warm saline liquids in the stomach till it is full. The treatment is done early in the morning on an empty stomach and is good for reducing asthma.
Specially formulated medicated herbal paste is applied on the affected parts of the body. The treatment is best for curing arthritis, inflammatory problems, and skin diseases.
The treatment consists of a combination of contour massages and acupressure. It is best for rejuvenating the whole body.
A part of the panchkarma series of treatment, this process involves treatment by administering herbal medication though the nasal cavity. Alleviates problems related to sinusitis and head related problems.
This treatment is also a part of the panchkama series and involves medicated pasted being massaged throughout the body. Reduces inflammation, joint pains, paralysis and muscle tension.
The treatment is immensely soothing for the eyes and involves medicated paste applied over the eyelids. It removes fatigue, removes winkles and improves eyesight.
A concoction of black gram flour dough is placed like a well around the eyes and medicated ghee is poured over it. All sorts of eye-related diseases such as dryness, watery, burning, squinting, conjunctivitis and more are cured from this treatment.
Five different types of treatments are used here. They include, induced vomiting, letting of blood, nasal cleansing, laxatives and enema medication. Recommended for overall bodily strength and vigor!
Profuse perspiration is induced in this treatment by administering herbal + medicated poultices tied in a muslin cloth. It removes back aches, sodalities, paralysis, etc.
Shirovasti and Pichu may appear similar but their ways of administration vary a lot. It is used to cure cranial nerve disorders and reducing ailments from the neck and spine areas.
Specially formulated herbal fluids and oils are used to massage the entire body. The therapy is beneficial for chronic muscle problems, poor blood circulation and paralysis.
The therapy is administered before the panchkarma treatments. It includes proper dietary advice, breathing, physical exercises, walking and other methods./td>
Intense body massages include this therapy which is beneficial for balancing the central nervous system. Massages are administered to neck, shoulder, head and affected areas.
Performed right after the Shiro Abhynaga, this treatment involves a stream of warm medicated oils poured over the forehead. It is immensely relaxing and offers serenity and calmness.
Warm medicated herbal oils are placed over the head in a special leather cap (container). The therapy is ideal for sleep disorders, facial paralysis and headaches.
It is essentially a procedure of cleansing the internal organs. Ingestion of pure ghee in large quantities is involved for eight to ten days. Highly beneficial for curing leukemia, osteoarthritis and psoriasis!
A medicated herbal paste is massaged on the scalp. It is advantageous for improving eyesight, reducing stress, relieving insomnia and curing headaches.
Chickpea flour and herbal aromatic herbs are used with medicated oils and dry jari-butis. This concoction is massaged on the skin for detoxifying, nourishing and toning the body tissues.
The therapy takes fourteen days and involves meticulous oil massages all over the body. A rest is given on the eighth day for the body to detoxify. It is recommended for patients with nervous problems, spondilitis, rheumatism or arthritis to opt for this therapy.
This treatment includes induced vomiting which eliminates excess mucus and unwanted toxins from the body. Chest infections, bronchitis, cold and cough, plus several respiratory ailments are cured by Vamanam.
Extreme but controlled laxative procedures are done in this treatment which in turn detoxifies the intestines from waste substances. It is a potent procedure and not recommended for everybody. Piles, gout, worms and skin diseases are resolved by Virechanam.
Traditional music is implemented for therapeutic purposes. The procedure restores body balances and maintains the overall mental serenity.