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The process of pouring down essential oils or medicated fluids (or simply water) is known as Shirodhara. It literally means ‘Shir: head and dhara: flow’ in the Sanskrit language. Kerala Ayurved Niketan has a host of specialized Shirodhara treatments, which are helpful in eliminating various ailments, diseases, impairments and more. The procedure involves placing a copper or porcelain vessel suspended just above the head of the client and the liquids flow out gently in the center of the forehead. This process is a part for Panchkarma and integrates medicated milk, oils, coconut water, buttermilk and traditional jadi buti concoctions.

The treatment is immensely relaxing, improves mental clarity and impeccably nourishing. It takes around fourty-five minutes for a session with the attendant refilling the overhead vessel with more warm fluids.

Types of Shirodhara –

It all depends on the consultation as to which Shirodhara treatment is advisable for you. We, at the Kerala Ayurved Niketan implement the following types of Shirodhara:

  1. Jal Dhara – Pure water warmed to a tepid temperature is used
  2. Tail Dhara – Medicated + aromatic oils are warmed and applied
  3. Takra Dhara – Unadulterated buttermilk is filled in the overhead vessel
  4. Ksheer Dhara – Warm cow’s milk is steadily poured over the head

The Shirodhara treatment is best for patients suffering from hair graying, cracked heels, headaches, urinary disorders, indigestion problems, burning of feet & palms, fatigue and overall ailments pertaining to ears, nose and eyes. Additional benefits are stress relieving characteristics, release of negative emotions, improving sleep patterns and rejuvenation of all senses.

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