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Traditional Ayurveda includes five different ways of cleansing and detoxifying the body of all ailments, which the Kerala Ayurved Niketan strictly follows. These five procedures include therapeutic vomiting, enema-based purging, nasal cleansing with essential oils and natural blood purification methods.

The Panchkarma process eliminates diseases from the roots and reinstates the hormonal balance of three doshas – Kapha, Pitta and Vata. There are two stages in which the Kerala Ayurved Niketan administers the Panchkarma therapy that is discussed below:

Purva-KarmaPreparatory Methods or Poorva Karma

  1. Digestion Boosting known as Paachana
  2. External & Internal Oleation known as Snehana
  3. Fomentation Practices known as Swedana

Paschat-KarmaMain Methods or Pradhan Karma

  1. Induced Puking (Vomiting) known as Vamana
  2. Provoked Purging (Excretion) known as Virechana
  3. Medicated Essential Oil Enema known as Anuvasana
  4. Natural Blood Purification known as Raktmokshan
  5. Nasal Cleansing & Detoxification known as Nasya

Pradhan-KarmaPaschat Karma

Kerala Ayurved Niketan utilizes pure natural elements for post therapy measures (Paschat Karma) in which the upper body portion is massaged with special herbal oils to induce perspiration. Also, the feet, nasal area, chest and hands are given a rigorous massage which is very invigoration. The Paschat Karma is tremendously effective against rheumatism, sinus problems, migraines and headaches.