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This nasal cleansing procedure is essentially a technique of Kairali Chikitsa in which medicinal juices and medicated oils are poured down the nose by an ayurvedic physician. The entire process is performed for a specified period of time prescribed by the physician and takes at least thirty minutes per session. It chiefly involves removal of toxic and unwanted substances from the nose since this organ is the most prone to environmental pollution and similar contamination.

Apart from clearing the sinuses and blocked nasal vessels, Nasyam also increases memory power, brain functioning and mental stresses by allocating more oxygen to the brain. Moreover, this treatment is perfect for migraine patients, mental disorders, premature hair graying and hormonal imbalances.

Various Nasyam Practices –

  1. Pradhama Nasyam: No fluids are used in this process; instead, powder-based medicines and pulverized herbs are blown through the nasal cavity by a tube. Pradhama Nasyam is best for warding off drowsiness, heavy headedness, epilepsy, skin diseases and of course, nasal congestion.
  2. Pratimarshya Nasyam: Medicinal clarified butter (ghee) is employed in this procedure. The little finger is dabbed in the therapeutic concoction and massaged inside the nasal cavity. This treatment is best for reducing overall stress in the body.
  3. Shamana Nasyam: The procedure involves usage of herbal medicines, powered jadi butis, tea and special concoctions and is poured in a liquid form through the nostrils. Shamana Nasyam is effective in treating hair loss, conjunctivitis, tinnitus and ear-related problems.
  4. Bruhana Nasyam: Individuals suffering from vocal-cord problems, speech impairments, bursitis, mental disturbance and nervousness are recommended for this treatment. Clarified butter laced with medication, ashwagandha, milk and herbs are used in Bruhana Nasyam.

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