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The process of a comprehensive massage by a trained Ayurvedic therapist is called Kizhi. Kerala Ayurved Niketan has a bunch of Kizhi-based massages, which will relieve you of pain/stress and rejuvenate your body and soul. The process includes preparing medicated poultices and applying them over the body with steam. Arthritic problems, joint disorders, pain and stiffness is all banished after experiencing this treatment.

Kizhi also comprises of making the body perspire to remove all possible toxins. We prepare special herbs and apply them with steam on predefined body parts to alleviate the doshas (pitta, kapha & vata). All the jadi-buti condiments are powdered and placed in a muslin cloth and the attendants apply these with steam on your body. The entire session takes approximately forty-five minutes and releases rejuvenated vigor from within your body.

The process of Kizhi does not end here. Once the steam application is over, the attendants open the poultices and massage the medicated herbs on your body. This procedure releases toxins, improves blood circulation, eradicates stress, eliminates Kapha and tones the muscles. Palm-leaf scrapers are utilized to scrape the paste off the body followed by a pleasant warm herbal bath.

Some of the benefits of Kizhi are –

  1. Body Nourishment
  2. Obesity Cure
  3. Prevention of Ageing
  4. Improves Body Luster
  5. Enhances Complexion
  6. Rejuvenates Skin
  7. Eradicates Stiffness
  8. Cures Spondylosis
  9. Relieves Pain
  10. Cures Blood Diseases
  11. Relieves Oedema

Additionally, Kizhi gives you a light feeling by removing unwanted Vata, Kapaha & Pitta and makes you feel several years younger with enhanced dynamism. Just call us for a session or fill the online consultation form and feel the difference with one Kizhi session right away. Kerala Ayurved Niketan is always at your beck and call for better wellbeing!