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Kerala Treatment

The Kerala treatment procedure involves a special edition of Panchkarma and includes some elements from Swedana or Snehan for controlling the overall doksha. It is further broken up into four processes which are discussed below.

Pindasweda Process

This treatment includes poultices or Pindasweda, which is applied to various parts of the body for relieving pain and delivering strength from within. Kerala Ayurved Niketan prepares special medicinal pudding which include navara cooked rice and applied to various or predefined parts of the body. Pindasweda helps in eliminating backache, polio, gout, arthritis, paralysis and spondylitis types of ailments.

Apart from herb-based poultices (Churna Pinda Sweda), we also use hot sand (Valuka Sweda), medicated milk with navara rice (Shashtik Shali Pind Sweda), and leaves of medicinal vegetation (Patrapinda Sweda).


Pizhichil or Thailadhara Process

This procedure is a combination of Swedana (sudation) and Snehana (oleation) which includes a medicated oil bath. Our therapists attend to you with herbal concoctions, medicated milk and oils and aromatic substances. The Pizhichil Kerala Therapy is best for relaxation, combating depression, relieving body aches, lessening neurological disorders, defeating paralysis and keeps the skin younger looking.

The Pizhichil treatment is also good for restoring sexual vigor, preventing ageing, regulating blood pressure, treating rheumatism and preventing nervous weakness.


Siro Basti Process

Crown Kakra or Silo Basti is a procedure where the head is covered in special medicated oils, which improves concentration and memory power by improving positive energy flow. Our therapists cover your head with a special container filled with medicated herbs, oils and a special warm fluid and administer a massage soon after.

Siro Basti or Crown Kakra is best for removing diseases related to the head, improving eyesight, eliminating facial paralysis, insomnia, migraine and improving brain functionality. It is also a form of the Sirolepana treatment that is effective for mental diseases.


Shirodhara Process

This sort of treatment is one of the vital cures found in the Panchkarma. It involves pouring medicated liquids gently above the forehead while the receiver lies down in a relaxed position. The fluids implemented by Kerala Ayurved Niketan consist of special medicinal concoctions, coconut water, raw milk and essential oils.

Shirodhara is effective for curing a number of head/face related disorders such as memory loss, hearing impairment, psoriasis, insomnia, hair graying, sinusitis, neurological problems, vertigo and rheumatism.