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The literal meaning of Abhyanga means ‘Oil Massage’ in the Sanskrit language. The process involves anointing the whole body from head to toe in warm oil and massaging vital areas with diversified pressure. The combination of lubricated massages with long strokes on the human body soothes the senses, relieves stress and eliminates body pains wonderfully. Abhyanga gives a stability to mind & body & at the same time it balancing the doshas also.

Regular practice of Abhyanga retains youthfulness and vigor, plus there is a fresh release of energy which emanates from within the body. Kerala Ayurved Niketan specializes in this ancient art and takes forty-five minutes for a thorough Abhyanga session.

Best for a soothing overall effect.

Apart from the above oils, we also administer mustard oils, olive oil application and specially formulated fluids from medicinal herbs. Our Abhyanga massages will leave you rejuvenated with a fresh feel for several days. It is highly recommended that you enroll for such a session every week at least for a lasting effect.

One session of Abhyanga at the Kerala Ayurved Niketan will provoke your senses and slow the ageing process. Our expert attendants will retain the warm of medicated oils all through the session, and the professional masseur will gently initiate the massaging process. A single sitting may last to a minimum of forty-five minutes or higher – depending on your requirements.