Store water in Copper Jug at night & keep it on a wooden table.

Warm the water in the same jug & pour in Copper glass .
Intake - 2-3 glasses
*Don't use any other metal.

Then freshen up & do some form of exercise for 15 mins.

■After exercise have a concoction of:-
▪︎Amla juice - 4 tsp
▪︎Aloe vera juice - 4 tsp
▪︎Ashwagandha Leaf juice - 4 tsp
▪︎Ginger - thumb size [ grate & extract juice]
▪︎Turmeric - pinch
▪︎Black pepper - pinch
▪︎Warm water - 14 tsp.
Sip it slowly slowly...

Note: Don't have anything for an hour.

■BREAKFAST [ any one ]

▪︎Bowl of sprouts
(No raw onions ...but can have spring onions)
▪︎Besan cheela with mint chutney / tomato chutney.
▪︎Moong dal dosa with chutney.
▪︎Boiled Chana Chaat.
▪︎Homemade Masala Oats.
▪︎Millet Vegetable Dalia.
▪︎Multigrain Daliya.
▪︎Vegetable Soup.
▪︎Sattu drink [sweet /salty next ]


30 minutes before lunch
Drink 2 - 3 glasses of warm water/ hot water.

Multigrain chapati - 2
along with seasonal veggies.

Note:  Don't have rice and chapati in the same meal.


Jackfruit/ Potato / Yams / Lentils

NOTE : If you want to have potato have it either roasted or steamed.

Note: 30 minutes before having snacks have warm water/ hot water.

▪︎Almond - 4 soaked
▪︎Walnut -  2 soaked
▪︎Fig - 2


Apple / Pomegranate /Mosambi / Guava

■ Ayurvedic Herbal Tea [Morning/Evening]

▪︎Water - 500ml
▪︎Ginger - 1/2 tsp
▪︎Cardamom - 1 pc
▪︎Cinnamon - 1/2 inch
▪︎Mint leaves -  6 - 7 leaves
Boil water add all the above ingredients, reduces to half the quantity.Remove from heat & then add...
▪︎Lime juice -  1 tsp
▪︎Honey -  1 tsp
Sip slowly slowly...


▪︎ Roasted Phool Makhana

■ DINNER ( any one)

▪︎Tomato soup with Makhana
▪︎Mixed vegetable soup
▪︎Bottle gourd soup
▪︎Mushroom soup
▪︎Moong dal water with rock salt and roasted jeera.

Note: After dinner go out for walk.
Ashwagandha leaves should not be taken for more than 7 consecutive days.

  Milk and Milk products