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Healthy Person According to Ayurveda

It has become more challenging and difficult to stay healthy and fit in modern days. The reasons, obviously, are unhygienic foods, polluted environment, disordered lifestyle, and fatal diseases. Health is not simply absence of disease but a ‘perfect equilibrium of body, mind, and soul.’

Health Concept in Ayurveda

The Ayurveda gives a broader view of health saying that a healthy person must maintain all three doshas (digestive fire, tissues, and wastes) in a perfect balance. When the ideal state is achieved, the person is said to be healthy. On the contrary, when one dosha dominates the body, it gives rise to various diseases.

The Ayurveda states that everything in this world relates to one another, so the body must work in collaboration with the universe. Just apply these points to get a ‘healthier you!’

  • Maintain your Prakriti (the natural state of being for the body), which implies that you should maintain all three doshas in perfect order.
  • Ensure that all three doshas are functioning properly. Doshas are elemental based energies described as Vata (air), Pitta (fire & water), and Kapha (water & earth).
  • Have accurate Agni (digestive power). Ayurveda places a great emphasis on maintaining a balanced digestive fire. It is a well-known saying in Ayurvedic theory that when all Agni leave our body, we immediately die.
  • Maintain proper functioning of Dhatus- that are the seven tissues as described by the principle of Ayurveda. Each dhatu has its own Agni, and any deviation may lead us to severe problems at the tissue level.
  • Eliminate the wastes and toxins present in the body on time. It is important because wastes eventually turn into toxins and cause different problems. Urination, sweating, and defecation are the ways to eliminate toxins properly.
  • Make sure to maintain a calm, clear, peaceful, and stable mental state. Ayurveda says that purification of stomach and mind is the key to a healthy body.

One More Thing to Remember

Involve in the company of good and happy people as one unhappy person can affect a whole group. Happiness is at the core of health, thus maintaining a happy and healthy connection is vital.