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Social Health

Have you ever imagined that there could be something like ‘social health’? Most of the people assume that health is something to do with the body and mind. It is correct to some extent, but health does not confine itself to a structure of bone and flesh. Instead, it spreads itself to the last point of the universe. It may seem strange, but it is as true as rising of the sun.

Social Health in Ayurveda

Social Health is not a new concept, as Ayurveda defines it thousands of years ago. Ayurveda tells us that everything relates to one another in this universe. Each living being has an impact on other creatures. Therefore, this science of life considers health in a broader perspective.

Hence, social health means to have and maintain quality and vigorous relations with the people around you. It involves your family members, friends, and other people living in the society. Social health is also useful to make your body and mind healthy.

A word of Caution

It is noteworthy that you should be choosy while making social contacts. Being among energetic, happy, and healthy people will affect you positively. On the other hand, a company of sad, unhealthy, and ill-habited people will leave a negative impression on you. So, always try to select your friends on the basis of quality and not quantity.

How Can Kerala Ayurved Niketan Help You?

Kerala Ayurved Niketan, founded in the year of 2006, has been serving in the field of Ayurvedic treatment since the very beginning. We are a team of proficient attendants and experienced therapists. Our tremendous services help you to stay fit physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially.

For social health, our institution suggests some simple points, which you can easily apply in daily life. A few focal points are discussed below:

  • Try to make close and caring relations with others.
  • Demonstrate a healthy behavior.
  • Be sensitive towards other’s emotions and sentiments.
  • Never miss a chance to help others. It will make a special place for you in their heart!\
  • Listen actively, sincerely and speak clearly, confidently, and respectfully.
  • Cultivate a habit of looking for the good in others.
  • Try to overlook negative treats.

Just start implementing the above points in your life, and you will be on the road to building healthy social connections. Remember, a person is best to himself when he is good to others!