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Kapha Body Type

Are you a person with predominant Kapha body type? If so, then you must learn all about Kapha dosha here! Kapha is made up of ‘water and earth’, water being the key element. It restrains within the body mass or earth. It administers your body structure, tissues and serves to maintain cohesion, biological strength, fluid balance, and stability.

Factors to Aggravate Kapha

There are specific signs, from which you can easily recognize the aggravation in Kapha. People with aggravated Kapha will have these symbols:-

  1. They have extremely oily skin having pimple or blackheads.
  2. They tend to gain weight easily and sometimes are overweight.
  3. These people easily retain water and feel bloated.
  4. They have sluggish and slow digestion.
  5. These folks sleep excessively, usually feel tired in the morning, and have low energy.
  6. They often experience mucus, congestion in the throat, chest, sinuses, or nose.
  7. Thinking and reaction time is dull and slow.
  8. They usually feel sad and live in a state of depression.

Kapha Body Type Characteristics

Kapha has several characteristics, some of which are given below.

  • The people with Kapha body type do not loose temper quickly.
  • They are relaxed, easy going, and slow mover.
  • These people are emotional with a loving and affectionate nature.
  • They are reliable and faithful.
  • They are physically strong and heavily built.
  • These people are hard learner but possess good memory.
  • They have dark hairs and soft skin.
  • These people possess an attractive personality.
  • They generally have big eyes with an extremely white sclera.
  • Tendons and veins are hardly visible through the skin.
  • Their complexion is normally bright and fair.
  • These people have strong body resistance.
  • They have a normal appetite and less digestive power.
  • They have a possessive nature and show attachment to others.

How Kerala Ayurved Niketan is Beneficial for Kapha Folks?

Kerala Ayurved Niketan has been serving in the realm of Ayurvedic treatments since 2006. Our institution understands the importance of staying healthy and offers the proven ways to improve your fitness. Our experienced therapists recommend various simple but ‘effective’ methods to keep Kapha dosha balanced. Feel free to contact us or visit our website for more details!